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Indigo Cattery Barcelona, a magic place!

We are Clem & Lali Belle and this is our love story.

Indigo Cattery Barcelona is a magic place where the true CHINCHILLA PERSIAN kittens with BIG EMERALD GREEN EYES are born. Welcome to our Fabulous Home!

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Our kittens are free of leukaemia, PKD, and congenital disorders.
They are delivered when they are 3 months old, with chip, vaccination card and completely dewormed.

“Thanks to the experience of acquiring a kitten from your Cattery, I was a Little afraid at first as I live in Lausanne (Switzerland) but everything turned out perfect, thanks Joe for welcoming us into your house so kindly. Our girl is fantastic and beautiful, you will get pictures of her as we agreed. Warm greetings.”

Joëlle Jalbert, Private Individual

“Very happy about the beauty that you sold us, we are enjoying the kitten very much not only me but also my kids. Thanks”

Família Marchant, Family

“Very good quality in the treatment and the service up to the delivery of the kitten, our Courier talked about the cattery very well as well and everything was perfect. Your kitten is already part of our breeding line, we will send pictures of her kittens. Kisses to Joe! Thanks!”

Anna Schell, Professional Breeder

Frequently Asked Questions

Indigo Cattery was born beside the Mediterranean Sea, in a magical city as is Barcelona. It has the sea, the mountains, good weather and excellent gastronomy.

They are Chinchilla Persian breed. It is a cat breed with a sweet disposition and friendlier than other feline breeds. They are usually cats that look for contact with their owners and enjoy their company. That is why they are one of the most popular type of breed.
There’s some who describe this type of behaviour specific to this breed with a very peculiar expression “the sofa tiger”. This label gives us some idea of the character of this quiet and sleepy cat.
The Chinchilla Persian is the product of a genetic mutation circa 1800 which gave origin to the male Chinchilla. However, the current Chinchilla is a variety which resulted after many generations of work by different International breeders.
The kittens are born dark and tabby, it Chinchilla fur grows after a few weeks of being born. The turquoise green of their eyes shows up later on, they are usually born with blue eyes and that is where we get our name from Indigo, the colour of the first gaze of the little ones when they are born.

Technically in Indigo we breed the Chinchilla Persian variety (NS12) and the Silver Shaded (NS11).

The process of acquiring one of our kittens boils down to three very simple steps, which are as follows:
1. Choose your kitten in our Museum and book it! Read more

2. Send a proof of booking and sign the contract with us. Read more

The price of each kitten will depend on whether it is sold within Spain or Abroad, whether it is a male or a female, whether it is sold as a Pet or if it will be a breeding cat.

You could have one starting at 800€.

The kittens are in Barcelona and can be picked up here or:
Within Spain: through MRW pets (same day delivery)*

Abroad: we know 2 couriers (people who are specialised in transporting pets internationally in a personalised way, safe and exclusive.) with whom we have already worked in the past with other clients and who are of great reliability. We will pass on their contact to you so you can agree with them the administered accompaniment of your little one if you cannot come to Barcelona.

*transport to be charged to the buyer.

If the animal, owner or breed are going to be at any time in Spain then the answer is NO.
Our breeding line is the product of great genetics and the evolution of these past 10 years and we do not give animals for breed within Spain.

For other countries it has to be consulted due to the fact that we also have a limited amount of cats. The exclusivity and maximum quality is our best value bet in reference to other breeder.

Yes, always and in all the cases.

A Pedigree is a document which analyses the genealogic relations of a living creature in context to determine how a feature or phenotype is inherited or manifests. The study of the pedigree is a concept used since ancient times as a selection method and guarantee of the purity of the breed in the breeding of certain domestic breeds. However, since the beginning of the XX century the term is also applied to any organism whose genealogy can be studied.

Therefore, a pedigree has not much use if what we want is just a life partner or a family member for our kitten.

Nonetheless, when breeding it is completely necessary and a pedigree starts to have value when you have the data of at least 4 previous generations which are well placed and analysed, certified by an organism Internationally renowned if possible and you fit within a good genealogic tree.

Chinchilla and Silver Shaded are sometimes confused due to the fact that they’re practically the same in all regards except one:

The dark hair in their paws will tell us whether they belong to one breed or the other.

The hair on their paws has to be black or blue. The hair on the paw not on the pillows of the paws.

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Indigo Cattery Barcelona

En Índigo Cattery valoramos únicamente la calidad y exclusividad de nuestros gatitos por encima de la cantidad.