Our Love Story…

We are Clem & Lali Belle and this is our love story.

We are Clem & Lali Belle and this is our love story.

I am Clem

My full name is Hölzertals Clem and I am from Stuttgart, capital of the German federate state of Baden-Wurtemberg. It has 600 038 inhabitants, a very big city in Germany.

I have pedigree with my 8 generations certified by TICA (The International Cat Association) and CFA that confirms that I am a pure Chinchilla, and one of the little few in the whole world.

My hobbies are sleeping, drinking very clean water every day and if it is not available to ask for it over and over, and being a good father to my little ones.


I am Lali Belle

My name’s Lali Belle and I am from Moscow, I came to Barcelona because I love the sea, good weather and Mediterranean food.

Here in the Catalonian Capital I met my partner with whom I get really well and who looks at me like nobody else. He’s a little German, but there’s not much we can do about that…when I get tired of him, I get some fresh air in our terrace while beholding the flowers or observing the passing by tourists.

I believe I am a very good and caring mother.

I also have my pedigree with 8 generations certified by the CFA and I come from one of the best cattery in Russia.


International Certifications of our Cattery

Our Kitten are all free of leukaemia, PKD, and congenital disorders.
They are delivered when they are 3 months old, with chip, vaccination card and completely dewormed.

  • ASFE (Asociación Felina Española) (Spanish Feline Association)
  • FIFE (Fédération Internationale Féline)(International Feline Federation)
  • WCF (World Cat Federation)
  • CFA (The Cat Fanciers’Association)


Indigo Cattery Barcelona

In Indigo Cattery we value the quality and exclusivity of our kittens more than the quantity.

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